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In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) has developed a remote learning plan so our students can continue learning experiences while our school buildings are closed. As we navigate this new learning format, this site offers supplemental and instructional resources for students and teachers. Online instruction will use Microsoft Teams, GSuite, Google Classroom and Infinite Campus. More specifics about this can be found under the Elementary and Secondary Sections below. We appreciate your patience and flexibility.

What you need to know.

  • This is an unprecedented event requiring implementation of just-in-time online learning and teaching

  • We can't be physically next to you, but by using technology with most of us and by delivery of physical resources to some, ALL students can continue to learn. ALL teachers can continue to teach. ALL schools can continue to function.

What CUSD is doing about it.

  • CUSD is providing both online and paper supplemental resources at each site.

  • CUSD will be providing online instruction for most, and paper resources for some.

What you need to do about it.

  • Students can securely get to their online communication and curricular resources. Information will be coming from your child's teacher as well as the information below.

  • Teachers and students can then connect online.

  • Some Special Education students and very young children may need help if online resources require authentication. Your child's teacher is best equipped to address this question.

Getting Started

Digital Citizenship

We cannot expect students to make the transition to online without preparing them for the online world. Take some time to discuss digital citizenship with your child and your students. Teach them how to interact with others online. We recommend using lessons from Common Sense Media . You will find a lesson for each grade in the following areas:

  • Media Balance and Well Being

  • Privacy and Security

  • Digital Footprint and Identy

  • Relationships and Communication

  • Cyberbullying, Digital Drama and Hate Speech

Enrichment Resources

Comprehensive Content

ACT Academy
Individualized practice
Target Grades: K-12

Individualized practice
Target Grades: 7-12

ASU for You
Resources to assist families for at-home instruction
Targeted levels: K-12

AZ PBS At Home Learning
Materials related to AZ PBS At Home Learning broadcasts (weekdays, 5:00am - 4:30pm)
Target Grades: K-12

Be Active Handouts
Activities with household items
Target Grades: K-6
Worksheets and printable practice

Target Grades: PreK-5

Khan Academy
Individualized practice
Target Grades: K-12

Mensa for Kids
Activities for the gifted learner
Target Grades: K-6

Playful Learning
Playful lesson resources

Target Grades: K-8

Wide Open School
Vetted curricular resources
Target Grades: K-12

Foreign Language

Learn 25 different languages
Target Grades: K-12

Language Arts

Free Children Stories
Original stories for children
Target Grades: PreK-5

Educational books and games
Target Grades: PreK-8

Scholastic Learn at Home
Lessons aligned to literature
Target Grades: PreK-6

Phonics support
Target Grades: PreK-3

Storyline Online
Books for children
Target Grades: K-3

Teach Your Monster to Read
Reading fluency
Target Grades: K-3


Computational knowledge practice
Target Grades: K-8

Physical Education

At Home Activities
Movement activities
Target Grades: K-12

Elementary Mind & Body Calendar (April)
Movement activities
Target Grades: K-6

Go Noodle
Movement activities
Target Grades: PreK-6


Mystery Science
Science visuals and activities
Target Grades: K-5

Coding coaching and application
Target Grades: K-8

Coding coaching and application
Target Grades: K-8

English Language Learners

Secondary Teachers

TE: You will need to be logged on to your G Suite for Education account or your CUSD Office 365 account to be able to access some of the documents below. This link will help you if you do not know how to log into your GSE account.

7-12 Distance Learning Plan

Secondary Guidance Letter (March 25, 2020)

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Teacher Guidance

AP Testing Information

AP Testing Update (April 6, 2020)


Email: Use your Outlook email ( to communicate with students and parents, not your G Suite email (

Phone: Use your personal phone, or sign up for a "temporary" phone number using Google Voice (this must be done using a personal Google account, and cannot be done with your CUSD G Suite account).


Flipgrid Best Practices

G Suite for Education

Intro to G Suite for Education (Staff)

Setting Up a Work Profile on your Android Phone (Google Doc)

Setting Up a Work Profile on your Android Phone (video tutorial)

Google Classroom

Google Meet

International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB Update March 27th

IB COVID19 Updates Website


SchoolCity Videos and Presentations